What Is the EID Survey?

EID Survey

A Glimpse Ahead – Results in Action, What’s New This Year 

The EID survey is a way for FP&M employees to share confidential insights on general workplace quality. It is part of Engagement, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) initiatives.

The survey helps to measure broad concerns expressed by multiple employees. It also reports trending feedback.

The EID survey asks “How are we doing?”  It measures a general sense of how employees are feeling.


How are we doing?

Measuring the general temperature at FP&M

What are general things about your workplace that are going okay? What’s working well? 

What are everyday things at your workplace that concern you? What isn’t working?

Day-to-Day Workplace Environment

  • The survey asks employees about the tools and opportunities employees feel they have available to them.illustration of people speaking in a shared speech bubble with a megaphone inside
  • The survey is also a tool to help leadership understand and improve FP&M. In a broad sense, it allows FP&M a way to compare the workplace to that of other organizations and universities.

What the Survey Isn’t:

To be clear, the EID survey is not a way to report specific issues in the workplace. Instead, the EID survey addresses broad concerns and feedback from employees over time. 

To report unsafe behavior, harassment, or intimidating behavior: employees can access the following resources, available at all times:  
  1. Talk to your supervisor or FP&M Human Resources.
  2. Visit the Hostile and Intimidating Behavior website to access resources.
  3. Get help from the Office of Employee Assistance LifeMatters.


Why the EID Survey Matters

Why would you care about the EID survey? 

This is a chance for employees to be heard and make a difference.

The EID survey asks these questions and provides a confidential way to weigh in on workplace quality. This opportunity happens only every two years.


What’s New this Year?

We heard you.

That’s why there are larger survey groupings of FP&M employees for greater confidentiality in the final reports.

Survey Groupings in 2018 (smaller groups are depicted) and in 2020 (larger groups are depicted)

In addition, you will have the ability to stop and start the survey again where you left off.

Lastly, you can preview all survey questions ahead of time

What is Staying the Same?

This is your chance to be heard and make a difference. When you participate in the EID survey, you help your workplace change for the better. 

The Big Picture

The end results of the EID survey matter a lot. 

illustration: three people talking with graphs inside speech bubbleSurvey results are summarized as an overall report and big-picture of data by Qualtrics. FP&M leadership analyzes this data and takes action to make improvements in key areas.

Results in Action

What has been done in the past? 

FP&M has made changes in the past based on EID survey results. 

Leadership has analyzed survey data, trends, and broad, repetitive results to take action and make improvements based on what was important to FP&M employees. 

Here are some of the FP&M initiatives that have been created as a result of EID survey results:

secure envelope illustration

This year’s survey will begin on February 17, 2020. 

Look out for more EID information from the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, as well as the FP&M EID team.