Shout-Outs–February 4, 2021



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Robyne Gunderson and Marci Hilliard



HUGE SHOUT OUT to Robyne Gunderson and Marci Hilliard for going the extra mile of Fit Testing for weeks on end. Your tenacity and dedication is very much appreciated by us all in Occupational Medicine. Keep up the great work. YOU ROCK!!.

-Patty Perdzock-Haas, RN


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Heating & Cooling Plant staff


Shout out to Monte Chapman, Rob Hodel, Justin Lambert, Lloyd Chapman, Tom Vandygriff, Ramkumar Bhulai, Ron Reschke, Cody Boyd, Steve Butler, Ben Krause, Tim Oppor, Wayne Hillestad, and Carlos Spinelli.

On January 1, 2021, there was a leak in a critical piece of equipment at the Charter Street Heating & Cooling Plant. Left unattended, this leak could have caused the heating plant to trip offline. The team was able to transfer operations to the Walnut Street Heating & Cooling Plant, perform necessary repairs, and return the system to normal operation.

The teamwork and dedication of the staff involved both prevented an interruption to campus steam service and mitigated risks to people and equipment. We are very proud of their hard work during this critical situation.

 -Andrew Gossfeld


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Grounds, Custodial, Campus Services, Waste and Recycle


Shout out to Grounds, all Custodial shifts (Day Shift, Second Shift, Third Shift,) Campus Services, and Waste and Recycle for helping with snow removal on Jan. 26!

-Kris Ackerbauer

“Thanks all. A big snow and a great response.”

-Robert Cramer

“It is looking great. Thanks for the hard work from you and your staff.”

-Jay A. Bieszke



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Brad Bauman


A big shout out to Brad Bauman for assisting in the expedited purchase of equipment urgently needed for testing. With much gratitude and appreciation for taking the time to help with such an important task!

 -Pat Fargen, EH&S, ORS


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Courtland Maney



-Donovan Kron


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