Shout-Outs–October 13, 2021



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Ann Larson, Karen Demick, Kathy Krasny, Louise Meske, Dave Dyer

Shout out to IBC and Laboratory Operations for continuity in service. The IBC and Laboratory Operations Team in the Office of Biological safety has done a tremendous job serving our research community! The team (and all of EHS) has recently experienced a departmental move into a new space. The team naturally and seamlessly maintained support for the research community and the IBC during the move. Thank you for your service!

Stephanie Kutz

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Greg Pibal & Group


Shout-Out to Greg Pibal’s Group for great immediate assistance fixing the Hazardous Waste Group’s Truck. The service we received this morning was a cut above the rest! Thank you!

– Timothy Lanzhammer

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Aaron Williams


Special thanks to Painter Aaron Williams who went above and beyond to help finish a project in Barnard Residence Hall before students arrived. The customer thanks you for being super accommodating and willing to work the extra time when they realized it was a bigger project than originally expected. Keep up the great work, Aaron!

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Clay Eckstein, Karl Tarwicki and Clyde Kaikuaana


Kudos to Clay Eckstein and Clyde Kaikuaana in the Finishing Shop and Steamfitter Karl Tarwicki for their hard work in the Law School this summer. An occupant of the building acknowledged Karl’s speedy work fixing the A/C when they were experiencing issues and being proactive about checking other A/C units in the building. Clay was complimented for doing a great job as usual painting “what feels like the whole law school”.

Clyde has been recognized for his excellent work completing various tasks around the building, “on top of the work, all three of them are always so pleasant, friendly, take pride in their work, and are so competent and kind.”

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David Avila, Candy Cong, Patrick Reilly and Johnny Lohrentz’s crew

Custodians David Avila, Candy Cong, Patrick Reilly and Johnny Lohrentz’s crew are recognized for their quick response to a water leak they spotted. Their continual attention to detail allowed them to quickly alert everyone that needed to be involved and promptly clean it up. The lab feels lucky that your team was on top of this!

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Mike Klade, Todd Lewellin, and Shinar Heider


Mike Klade, Todd Lewellin, and Shinar Heider from the Electric Shop received praise for their work when a customer was in a difficult situation. “They got the job done quickly, and the quality of work is exceptional.” Your work is greatly appreciated!

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Jim Kruse, Andy Niedermeier, Casey Roelli, Kyle Garthwaite, Dan Fish and Brett Moyer

Jim Kruse, Andy Niedermeier, Casey Roelli, Kyle Garthwaite, Dan Fish and Brett Moyer are recognized for their outstanding support and rapid response replacing the UW Marching Band emblem on the practice tower. “The students have been oo-ing and ahh-ing”.

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Robert Haase and Clyde Kaikuaana


Robert Haase and Clyde Kaikuaana from the Finishing Shop received praise for their work in the Humanities Building. The customer thanks you for being pleasant, professional, and super easy to work with.

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Jacob Swisher and Mike Sailing


Special thanks to Painters Jacob Swisher and Mike Sailing for their great work on Engineering Hall. The customer thanks you for being very pleasant to work with and coordinating around other activities going on in the area.

“Their work was very professional and of the highest caliber… I wanted to let you know that these guys hit it out of the park on this job for us.”

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Kirstin Selchow


Compliments go to Kirstin Selchow for always being such a huge help regardless of whether it’s “her job” or not. Kirstin is great asset and always a ton of help. For that, we say “thank you!”

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Carolyn Brom


Thank you to Carolyn Brom in Physical Plant Customer Services for her excellent job coordinating the response when a call came in regarding a flood in the Social Work Library. The customer is very appreciative of your quick response to an issue that could have been catastrophic. Thank you for your outstanding work.

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Tim Akey and Tim McNeill

Kudos to Tim Akey and Tim McNeill (TnT) in Campus Services who helped fix a standing desk in Computer Sciences so they did not have to move it out. Your help made the customers’ day!

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Clyde Kaikuaana, Dan Fish, Brad Schenkel, Aaron Agnew

Carpenter Clyde Kaikuaana received praise for his work moving cubicles inside the Law Building. Clyde made quick work of the tasks he was given and the customer is very happy with the privacy of their new location. Also, thank you to Dan Fish, Brad Schenkel, and Aaron Agnew for their excellent customer service and willingness to help.

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Melinda Peck

Melinda Peck from Custodial Crew 346 received praise for the great job she is doing in the locker rooms in Nielsen Tennis Stadium. They are a handful, so the customer appreciates your hard work!

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Dale Benoy

Special thanks to Glazier Dale Benoy for his work on a window well at the Law Library. The customer is very pleased and wanted to compliment you on your fantastic job. Great work, Dale!

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Scott Fischer, Andy Niedermeier, Jamie Kruger and Doug Sherman

Scott Fischer from Grounds, Andy Niedermeier and Jamie Kruger from the Finishing Shop, and Doug Sherman from Campus Services Truck Service all did an outstanding job working together to install the red “2020” numbers on Bascom Hill to help celebrate the Graduates returning for their Commencement Ceremony this fall.

Your team effort on this project is greatly appreciated!


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