Shout-Outs – June 22, 2022



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Dwayne Williams

Shout Out to Dwayne Williams! Dwayne has navigated and led the full transition to Assetworks which has required significant collaboration, coordination, attention to detail, and sustained effort. Thank you!

– Holly Laux O’Higgins


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Rebecca Rohde

I would like to shout out to Rebecca Rohde for her patience, knowledge and decision making, always and recently in helping me navigate time accounting issues that I was experiencing. Thank you!

-Donovan Kron


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Jill Koeller

Shout out to Jill Koeller in FP&M Finance. Jill is amazing at communicating, keeping details on-point, and being an overall fantastic colleague. Thank you, Jill!

– Holly Laux O’Higgins


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Jenell Dorn

Shout-Out to Jenell Dorn in Transportation! Great work on the month end reporting for the budget office. Your extra effort and attention detail has not gone unnoticed.

– Kylie Brommerich


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Carpenter Mason Miles and Scheduler Patrick Grubb-Finishing Trades

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to Patrick Grubb and Mason Miles for the work done in our building. Patrick is endlessly professional and patient in reaching out to me to obtain information I forgot to provide in my request for work so he can schedule Mason accordingly. Mason is outstanding. I never see him and yet the work is done, there is never a mess left behind to even let me know he’s been here.

– Victoria Coulter



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