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Join us: celebrate five years of awards!

2022 Employee Recognition Awards

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Do you use buildings and grounds, walkways and roadways, parking lots, heat, water, electricity, or distribution systems on campus?

You can help tell the story about the excellent work that the people of FP&M do every day at UW-Madison. Nominate an employee or team for a Recognition Award.


5th Annual Awards: JULY 18TH. FP&M Employee Recognition Event (text on illustration)

You nominated them, now see who won!

The 2022 Employee Recognition Awards event will be held in-person. 

Join us at Gordon Dining & Event Center on Monday, July 18. There will be two sessions to accommodate all shifts at 10:00 am – 11:30 am and at 11 pm – 12:30 am. All FP&M employees are encouraged to join one of the event sessions during paid work time. You can download an event flyer (.pdf file) to print and share.

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What is it all about?

The Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) Employee Recognition Awards are presented annually to teams or individual employees whose efforts made a difference over a period of time. Hear about their stories. Join in celebrating the award recipients at the 2022 FP&M Employee Recognition Awards!

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icon: calendar with page flipping up in black outlinesMorning Event

Monday, July 18, 2022
10 – 11:30 am
Gordon Dining & Event Center
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Late Night Event

Monday, July 18, 2022
11 pm-12:30 am

Gordon Dining & Event Center
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Pictured: prior year's award recipients from Custodial Crew 344 — Benito Monfil-Carballo, Juana Portugal, Hector Recoba, Todd Yaroch, Juan Triana; 2020 Teamwork Award
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Pictured: prior year's award recipient Stephen (Steve) Skinner; 2020 AVC Excellence Award

About the Awards

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What are the Recognition Awards?

This program showcases diverse, noteworthy contributions and recognizes FP&M employees for exceeding the expectations of their position.

All FP&M employees are eligible for an award.

The Employee Recognition Awards highlight FP&M employees, both as individuals and teams, for their outstanding contributions over time in providing excellence in facilities and services for our university community.

FP&M works behind the scenes to maintain and operate buildings and grounds, supply utility services, ensure health and safety, coordinate campus planning, manage design and construction, and provide parking and transportation services.

The departments at FP&M include Environment, Health & Safety, Transportation Services, Physical Plant, Office of Sustainability, Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor, and Facility Planning & Delivery

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Sue Thalacker; 2020 Award Winner, Customer Service Award

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Who can submit a nomination?

FP&M’s campus customers, which include anyone who works, studies, visits, or lives on campus. Students, co-workers, employees, supervisors, leadership, faculty, or any other members of the UW-Madison community may nominate someone for an award.

The FP&M Employee Recognition Awards are one way to thank and recognize extraordinary efforts. Nominate an individual employee or team.

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How do I submit a winning nomination?

The person or team you nominate is more likely to be chosen to receive an award if there are details such as: tasks, projects, quantities, names, buildings, and an explanation of how their work impacts others.

See Tips for a Winning Nomination

Award Categories

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This program showcases diverse, noteworthy contributions and recognizes FP&M employees for teamwork, creative solutions, customer service, commitment to excellence, and exceeding the expectations of their position.

All FP&M employees are eligible for an award in one of the five categories. Learn about the different award categories shown in the accordion menu below. (Click the “+” to expand and read more):

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Teamwork Award

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Teamwork Award Criteria

Recognize people who work together to achieve a common goal. Nominate a coworker or team that:

  • Maintains effective working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, or customers
  • Encourages teamwork by recognizing and promoting employee strengths
  • Acknowledges the strengths of all employees and encourages teamwork
  • Collaborates and cooperates when solving problems
  • Supports UW-–Madison values to achieve positive results together

Customer Service Award

Customer Service Award Criteria

Recognize a person or team who builds positive relationships and gives customers more than what they expect. Nominate someone who:

  • Uses personal expertise and customer feedback to solve problems
    Handles customer concerns or customer requests quickly and effectively
  • Has a respectful and friendly attitude with all customers
  • Manages challenging customer service situations in a way that upholds UW–Madison values

Going Above and Beyond Award

Going Above and Beyond Award Criteria

Recognize a person or team for contributions beyond their job description. Nominate someone who:

  • Acts in a way that positively influences the entire group or energy
  • Does more than the job description requires (i.e., volunteering)
  • Takes initiative to respond to difficult or unexpected events
  • Exceeds goals and expectations
  • Promotes employee morale and integrity in the workplace

Unsung Individual Award

Unsung Individual Award Criteria

Recognize a person or team who has made significant everyday contributions to their workplace and UW-Madison. Nominate someone who:

  • Demonstrates integrity by being trustworthy, respectful, and accountable
  • Consistently works towards team success
  • Performs work accurately and follows professional standards
  • Promotes high standards for honesty, responsibility, and perseverance
  • Shares job-related knowledge and available resources with others
  • Follows through on commitments

Creative Solutions Award

Creative Solutions Award Criteria

Recognize a person or team who uses inventive solutions to improve ideas or processes. Nominate someone who:

  • Embraces change as an opportunity for improvement and continuous learning
  • Participates in collaborative problem-solving and comes up with practical solutions
  • Ensures a safe and healthy campus and work environment by following established procedures and protocols for their job functions at all times
  • Independently finds and uses sustainable, effective, and efficient resources

icon: paper with type on it, folded on upper right cornerYou can also download and print a 2-page document of the five Award Categories.

Recognition Award Categories

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Do you have questions about the awards or how nomination works? Not sure if you want to nominate someone for next year’s awards? See the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions