Shout-Outs – March 15, 2023



See shout-outs and kudos to those who received a quick “thank-you” from their coworkers.

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Kim Rantanen-Day

Shout out to Kim Rantanen-Day in Capital Budget for her hard work, stamina, and patience as she’s juggled multiple duties in preparation for our new hires. Thank you!

– Holly Laux O’Higgins

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Custodial Crew handling 7th floor, 21 N. Park

Shout out to the Custodial Crew that handles 7th floor at 21 N. Park Street. They work very hard, pay close attention to detail, and are always very friendly and respectful. We can sometimes be slobs, but they do a great job.

 -Ann Larson

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Jamilette Perez-Albino

Shout out to Jamilette Perez-Albino for a really great job chopping ice on Thursday 2-23-23.

-Mark Kazynski

icon: hands clappingPatrick Scott

Shout-out to Patrick Scott for providing Ergonomics trainings to employees on all shifts! Patrick has been participating in biweekly New Employee Orientations to help set them up for success. It is clear how much Patrick cares about the safety of our campus. Thank you!

-Avelene Adler

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Shout Out to Tom Staskal with Transportation Service’s Parking Enforcement. I am an emeritus faculty member at UW Madison and I was having trouble parking in lot 60. Officer 55 took time to show me how to park here using the ParkMobile app he was so friendly and kind.

-Dr. Peterson

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Sincere thanks and appreciation to Karen Demick for her outstanding service to FP&M’s Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity Committee. As you complete your term of service on the committee, we want to acknowledge all of your efforts to celebrate FP&M employee excellence by serving as co-chair of FP&M’s Annual Recognition Awards program and event. Thank you!

-Margaret Tennessen

icon: hands clappingFP&M Grounds, Custodial and anyone else who fights the snow!

Kudos to the FP&M Physical Plant staff responsible for keeping our walks, roads and other surfaces safe. Wisconsin winter is no joke, and they plan all year and work at all hours to remove snow and treat slick surfaces from all 936 acres of campus. They are also very thorough and speedy about going back to check work or redo spots, always keeping customer service a focus. I especially appreciate as a klutzy person who trips and slips … a lot! Thank you!

-Lori Wilson

icon: hands clappingPlumbing Shop (Eric Luedeman, Chad Hellenbrand, Pete Dahl, and others)

Sending a shoutout to plumbing shop staff (Eric Luedeman, Chad Hellenbrand, Pete Dahl, and others) that helped with a unique challenge. This group had creative solutions for a complex situation; they exceeded expectations and got the job done in record time. The EHS-EOH team is thankful for your partnership!

-Maddie Wojciuk

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A round of applause for the collaboration across FP&M to move quickly to resolve a water quality issue on campus. The team took a systematic and scientific approach to resolve the issue. They immediately acted to keep campus safe then created and executed an effective plan, partnering with UW System, the state, outside expertise and CALS. Their commitment to customer service, safety as a value, and frequent and transparent communication are impressive

-Lori Wilson

icon: hands clappingAndrew Powers, Paul Jasenski, Paul Trgovich, & Jeff Watson

Shout out to Andrew Powers, Paul Jasenski, Paul Trgovich, & Jeff Watson. Thanks to Andrew for coordinating rooftop visits to 7 buildings in one day for our consultant from Colorado to gather stereo photogrammetric data to create a wind model for the new Engineering Building (DFD project 21l3J). A huge effort in a single day carried out flawlessly and safely by Andrew, Paul J., Paul T., and Jeff! Our consultant was very impressed.

-Dennis Rodenberg

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