Shout-Outs – June 21, 2023

See shout-outs and kudos to those who received a quick “thank-you” recently.

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Mason Miles

Thanks so much to Mason Miles for doing such a great job hanging pictures in my office! I just gave him a general idea of which pictures to put where and he came in early the next day to to take care of everything. My office now feels like my own. 🙂

– Natalie Feggestad

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Donta Starr

Shout out to Donta Starr. My wife and I went to a UW Health special event at Gordon Commons on June 8th. Our assignment was to park in the Fluno Center. Donta was working this lot. He kindly waved us forward and greeted us with enthusiasm. He asked for our names to verify on the list and welcomed us to the parking lot. He then gave us exact instructions on how to use the ticket upon entrance and exit.

While this sounds like a simple work instruction, Donta did this with sincere kindness, patience, eye contact and gusto! He even said, “have a wonderful evening at your celebration!” It’s so refreshing to witness exemplary customer service. Thank you, Donta!

– Shawn Arneson 

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Jefferson Hofmann

Shout out to Jefferson Hofmann for all his hard work routing traffic at Lot 75 this week!

– Isaac Knoflicek 

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Karl Stelzer, Ellen Agnew & Jacy Whitehead

Shout-Out to Karl Stelzer, Ellen Agnew, and Jacy Whitehead for their work to get the Custodial Safety Shoe program up and running!

custodians participating in the safety shoe program

– Jesse Decker

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John Mcsherry, Jenn Finn & Jake Laufenberg

Thank you to Physical Plant schedulers and painters – the McPherson Eye Research Institute’s 9th floor WIMR vision gallery looks great, ready for our summer exhibition to be installed. Your work is truly appreciated.

– Gail Stirr

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