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Wayne Hillestad, Joshua Wampole, Ethan Carlson, Harry Studebaker and Shane Sundby

Thanks to Wayne Hillestad, Joshua Wampole, Ethan Carlson, Harry Studebaker and Shane Sundby for the cleaning of Chiller #3 Refrigerant Condenser vessel at the Walnut Street Heating Plant.

They were able to isolate the vessel, remove the 3,000-pound lid, clean out the 3,600 tubes and place it back in service. With their hard work, this was accomplished overnight to have the Chiller available for supplying chilled water to campus in time for that hot, humid Friday.

– Andrew Gossfeld  

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Tim Blankenship

Thank you so very much for your timely response and commitment to helping with an identified issue this week. Your pride and dedication to your work is exceptional and so very much appreciated. Thank you to you and your team for all you do each and every day!

– Teresa

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a tan and dark brown young duckling inside a red container opens its mouth , sitting next to other duckling out of frameDuckling rescuers Jay Stets-Stephensky, Doug Disch, Dan Ward

“I’m a resident of Madison and wanted to send a quick message of sincere gratitude to several of your employees.

Earlier today, as I was driving on Johnson Street on the UW-Madison campus, I noticed a mother duck and her ducklings trying to cross the intersection of Lake and Johnson Streets during rush hour traffic. As I tried to herd the ducks to safety, unfortunately five of the eight ducklings jumped into a storm water grate at the Northeast corner of Lake & Johnson while the mother duck and three ducklings stood nervously (and noisily) in a nearby planting bed.

Doug was working nearby, and as I summoned him for help, he contacted Jay and Dan who arrived quickly with a Bobcat and the gear necessary to remove the grate from the street. While Dan was literally crawling through the storm tunnel, Jay awaited with a net and after a bit of a battle, they were able to rescue all five ducklings and reunite them with their mother and siblings. Jay and Dan were then going to take the duck family to safety following their miraculous rescue efforts.

It’s not often that faith in humanity is restored, but these gentlemen should be recognized for their heroic efforts and expert handling of a very difficult situation. They were professional, efficient, compassionate and kind, and went to great lengths to save the lives of these creatures.

Please pass along my gratitude to Doug, Jay and Dan for their selfless service to nature and for restoring my faith in humanity!”

– Tom Innis

See more photos in Physical Plant workers to ducklings’ rescue 

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