Recognition Nomination Flyer 2022 Translations

ESPAÑOL / SPANISH | HMOOB / HMONG | བ ོོད་ཡིིག / TIBETAN | 中文 / CHINESE | नेपाली / NEPALI

This is a flyer reminding staff that they can nominate an FP&M employee or team for an Employee Recognition Award by April 18, 2022.

¿Desea reconocer a alguien por el buen trabajo realizado? ¡Nomine a una persona individual o a un equipo para el premio de reconocimiento a empleados del 2022!

Puas xav qhuas ib tug neeg ua tau haujlwm zoo? Muab ib tug los ib pawg neeg npe rau qhov 2022 Employee Recognition Award!

བ ོོད་ཡིིག / TIBETAN
མི་སྒེེར་རམ་རུ་ཁག་གངོ་རུངོ་ཞིིག་ཕྱིི་ལོ་ ༢༠༢༢ ལས་བྱེེད་ཆེེ་མཐོོངོ་ གཟེེངོས་རྟགས་
(Employee Recognition Award) འོས་མིར་མིངོ་འདོན་གནངོ་རོགས་ཞུ།

欢迎您提名一位员工或一个团队获得 2022年优秀员工奖Employee Recognition Award)!

नेपाली / NEPALI
राम् रो काम गर्ने कु र्नै व्यक्तिलाई सममार््न गर््नर् चाहर््नुहुन्छ ?
२०२२ सालको कमनचारी सममान्न पुरसकारको लाक्तग कु ननै व्यकक्त वा टोलीलाई मननोन्न्यन्न गन्ननुहोला!

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Tips for a Successful Award Nomination (2022)

icon: red pencil tip outline

The FP&M Employee Recognition team is now accepting nominations for the Employee Recognition Awards through April 18, 2022. 

How to make your nomination stand out

A successful recognition award nomination tells how an employee or work team goes above the call of duty to provide important services for our university community. These tips can help your nomination stand out.

icon: spotlight shining on empty floor1. Choose an award category 

  • Review the award categories. Think about which category fits your nominee the best. 
  • Award categories include Teamwork, Customer Service, Creative Solutions, Going Above and Beyond, and Unsung Individual.

2. Get inspired

Use the questions below to craft your nomination for an individual or team:

  • Briefly describe the position and job responsibilities of your nominee.
  • Is there a specific issue or problem the nominee successfully addressed?
  • Has the nominee shown strong performance over time?
  • How does the nominee go above and beyond the normal expectations of their job?
  • How does the nominee solve problems in new or creative ways?
  • Does the nominee collaborate with other departments on campus?
  • How does the nominee show excellent leadership or teamwork skills?
  • How does the nominee improve their department, FP&M, or the campus community?
  • Does the nominee help improve project delivery or customer service?
  • Does the nominee improve staff inclusion, staff development, or promote work/life balance?

3. Write your nomination

  • Use plain language. Be clear and direct when writing your nomination. Get straight to the point and use bullet points.
  • Remember your audience. While you are familiar with your nominee’s work, the selection committee might not be. Keep that in mind as you explain your nominee’s contributions and accomplishments.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms when possible.
  • Include measurable results to support your nomination, if possible. Examples of measurable results include monetary savings, a new product or service, or customer feedback.
  • Use multiple examples to show how the individual or team exceeds expectations.

notepad icon

4. Get ready to submit your nomination 

  • Type out your nomination in a separate Word document. This way, you don’t lose your work.
  • Copy and paste the text from your Word document in the final submission form.

ribbon award icon

5. Recognize excellence all year

  • Consider saving your nomination and resubmitting it next year if it’s not selected this year.
  • Recognize excellent work daily: you don’t have to wait for next year!
    • You can nominate co-workers for an Employee Recognition Award year-round to to highlight their contributions, accomplishments, and service over time.
    • You can also submit a Shout-Out to give a brief “thank you” in the moment, which will be shared on Inside FP&M and in the Employee Newsletter.
  • Take note of achievements you see throughout the year to inspire next year’s award nominations.

Recognize a Co-Worker or Team

"Recognize by April 18"; text sits to the right of a angular photo montage showing an FP&M custodian working in a classroom, an FP&M grounds crew member spraying with a hose outdoors on campus, a woman smiling and talking with someone out of frame in an office setting, a person standing behind an EH&S sign smiling at the viewer, and a person stepping into a Transportation Services vehicle on its right side as the door was swung open to show the Transportation Services logo printed on the vehicle

Ready to nominate? Nominate an FP&M employee or team for an award. 

Still unsure?

Recognize employee efforts: nominate by 4/18/22

icon: spotlight shining on empty floor

photo collage: FP&M employees doing work outsdoors and indoors; other employees posed and smiling. Text "RECOGNIZE EXCELLENCE | NOMINATE BY APRIL 18"Thank you for the excellent work that you do every day. Today, each of us has an opportunity to tell the story of this great work and celebrate the many ways that you help keep our campus running 24/7/365.

It is time to recognize FP&M employees for the 2022 Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) Employee Recognition Awards

Whose efforts stood out in the past year? Please consider nominating a co-worker or team by the deadline of April 18, 2022.

  • All FP&M employees are eligible to be nominated and receive an award.     
  • Individual employees, teams, and workgroups are eligible for an award — even if they have been nominated in the past by you or someone else. 
  • You may choose to recognize someone from another department or your own.
  • Supervisors can nominate employees or fellow co-workers
  • Employees can nominate fellow co-workers, teammates, or supervisors.

What are the awards?

The FP&M Employee Recognition Awards highlight FP&M employees for their outstanding contributions. Employees who receive an award have demonstrated their excellence time and again. The awards program showcases diverse, noteworthy contributions and recognizes FP&M employees for teamwork, creative solutions, customer service, innovation, commitment to excellence, and exceeding the expectations of their position.

Thank you, again, to last year’s award winners: the Lakeshore Nature Preserve Team (Teamwork Award) from Facility Planning & Delivery, Zhaleh Noubari (Customer Service Award) from the Physical Plant, Hagos Beyra (Unsung Individual Award) from the Physical Plant, Don Barrette (AVC Excellence Award) from Transportation Services, Maddie Wojciuk (Above and Beyond) from Environment, Health & Safety; and Jeff Templin (Creative Solutions Award) from the Physical Plant. 

icon: yellow star outlineWho will be awarded in 2022? That is up to you!

There are five types of awards:
  1. Teamwork Award – Recognize people who work together to achieve a common goal.
  2. Customer Service Award – Recognize a person who builds positive relationships and gives customers more than what they expect.
  3. Going Above and Beyond Award – Recognize a person for contributions beyond their job description.
  4. Unsung Individual Award – Recognize a person who has made significant everyday contributions to their workplace and UW–Madison. 
  5. Creative Solutions Award – Recognize a person who uses inventive solutions to improve ideas or processes. 

Icons with text from Left to Right: "Teamwork" below connected puzzle pieces icon; "customer service" below chat bubbles with a smiley mouth and eyes inside; "Going Above and Beyond" with a mountain icon with a flag at the peak; "Unsung Individual" sits below a spotlight with beam of light shining downward icon; "Creative Solutions" sits below a roll of paper, protractor, and pencil

Why nominate?

  • To recognize a colleague for their work 
  • To engage in something well-meaning and inclusive
  • To help educate each other about the diverse work and people of FP&M
  • To show gratitude for those who represent FP&M with excellence

Employees who were nominated in the past report feeling motivated, inspired, appreciated, and encouraged.

For more information, please visit: 

To nominate one of your co-workers, please visit 

Have questions? Need help? Email the Recognition Team at

Nominations are due by April 18, 2022. 


The deadline is just around the corner. Your nomination can make a difference! Thank you for your consideration in recognizing the great work of FP&M employees. We look forward to seeing all of the nominations and celebrating your great work at the awards over the summer.