Tips for a Successful Award Nomination (2022)

The FP&M Employee Recognition team is now accepting nominations for the Employee Recognition Awards through April 18, 2022. 

How to make your nomination stand out

A successful recognition award nomination tells how an employee or work team goes above the call of duty to provide important services for our university community. These tips can help your nomination stand out.

icon: spotlight shining on empty floor1. Choose an award category 

  • Review the award categories. Think about which category fits your nominee the best. 
  • Award categories include Teamwork, Customer Service, Creative Solutions, Going Above and Beyond, and Unsung Individual.

2. Get inspired

Use the questions below to craft your nomination for an individual or team:

  • Briefly describe the position and job responsibilities of your nominee.
  • Is there a specific issue or problem the nominee successfully addressed?
  • Has the nominee shown strong performance over time?
  • How does the nominee go above and beyond the normal expectations of their job?
  • How does the nominee solve problems in new or creative ways?
  • Does the nominee collaborate with other departments on campus?
  • How does the nominee show excellent leadership or teamwork skills?
  • How does the nominee improve their department, FP&M, or the campus community?
  • Does the nominee help improve project delivery or customer service?
  • Does the nominee improve staff inclusion, staff development, or promote work/life balance?

3. Write your nomination

  • Use plain language. Be clear and direct when writing your nomination. Get straight to the point and use bullet points.
  • Remember your audience. While you are familiar with your nominee’s work, the selection committee might not be. Keep that in mind as you explain your nominee’s contributions and accomplishments.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms when possible.
  • Include measurable results to support your nomination, if possible. Examples of measurable results include monetary savings, a new product or service, or customer feedback.
  • Use multiple examples to show how the individual or team exceeds expectations.

notepad icon

4. Get ready to submit your nomination 

  • Type out your nomination in a separate Word document. This way, you don’t lose your work.
  • Copy and paste the text from your Word document in the final submission form.

ribbon award icon

5. Recognize excellence all year

  • Consider saving your nomination and resubmitting it next year if it’s not selected this year.
  • Recognize excellent work daily: you don’t have to wait for next year!
    • You can nominate co-workers for an Employee Recognition Award year-round to to highlight their contributions, accomplishments, and service over time.
    • You can also submit a Shout-Out to give a brief “thank you” in the moment, which will be shared on Inside FP&M and in the Employee Newsletter.
  • Take note of achievements you see throughout the year to inspire next year’s award nominations.

Recognize a Co-Worker or Team

"Recognize by April 18"; text sits to the right of a angular photo montage showing an FP&M custodian working in a classroom, an FP&M grounds crew member spraying with a hose outdoors on campus, a woman smiling and talking with someone out of frame in an office setting, a person standing behind an EH&S sign smiling at the viewer, and a person stepping into a Transportation Services vehicle on its right side as the door was swung open to show the Transportation Services logo printed on the vehicle

Ready to nominate? Nominate an FP&M employee or team for an award. 

Still unsure?