Shout-Outs – May 10, 2023

See shout-outs and kudos to those who received a quick “thank-you” recently.

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Casey Roelli and Barry Kujak

THANK YOU, for erecting scaffolding for an insulation replacement project at Computer Science in a timely manner. This temporary structure will allow our team to work safely at heights and hard-to-reach areas during this project.

– Jason Rieger and John Goodwiler

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Andy Thurlow, Aaron Gilmore, Jennifer Kolste, Ellen Agnew and Richard Ness 

Thank you to UW Arborists Aaron Gilmore and Andy Thurlow for assisting Lakeshore Nature Preserve and Dane County Human Society Wildlife Center in reuniting a barred owlet to a cavity nest and then nesting box in Fratuschi Point. The immature owlet was found on the ground by a concerned visitor, not once but twice. Appreciation to UW Grounds Jennifer Kolste, Tree & Shrub Supervisior and Ellen Agnew, Building and Grounds Manager for permitting these skilled, climbing arborists to assist. Thanks also to Richard Ness, UW Animal Control Specialist for support.

– Laura Wyatt

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Transportation Services Finance Team

Shout-Out to the Transportation Services Finances Team! We are all so thankful for all they do to support Transportation Services Customer Service employees! They are all so patient and helpful. A huge amount of thanks to Michael Couper, Jenell Dorn, Sandhya Patel and Xee Lee.

– Transportation Services Customer Service Team

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Dale Thompson

Thanks to Dale Thompson from the Lock Shop for his careful consideration of how to upgrade our locks while keeping all in the building safe from potential threats as well as fires. The Law School Dean, Associate Deans and I appreciate his hard work!

– Vicky Coulter

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John Cook (Crew 207)

Myself and two of my friends are frequent studiers at the Chemistry building. We wanted to reach out and acknowledge one of your custodians, John, for always having a smile on his face and being a great addition to our university staff. We felt he deserved recognition!

– Three college students

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Jaime Cervantes

Jaime has worked as a custodial staff member in our department for several months. He is always very courteous, hard-working, driven, reliable, and friendly to everyone he comes in contact with. I just wanted to specifically shout out to Jaime because he deserves this recognition in a sometimes-thankless job.

– Megan O’Kane

icon: hands clappingEmma DeGan

A big shout-out and thank you to Emma DeGan! You are a fantastic assist to the entire EH&S team while we are recruiting for a wide variety of roles. Whether the recruitment is easy-peasy or hard as nails, you are cheerful and diligent in getting us the answers and information we need to be successful in bringing in our new employees. We feel fortunate to have you here and helping us build our team. Thank you!

– Jesse Decker

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