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See a message from the FP&M Employee Recognition Team:

Feb. 22, 2024

The FP&M Employee Recognition Team is excited to kick off the 2024 FP&M Employee Recognition Awards nomination drive! The annual awards act as a beacon to acknowledge the importance of employees here and remind us to recognize others. The awards celebration is a culmination of the people and the work that help keep our campus running 24/7/365. You can help tell the story of great work through the lens of your unit.


Whose efforts stood out in the past year? Or whose “flew under the radar” but should be recognized? This is where you come in. We ask each of you to consider nominating an FP&M employee or team by March 15, 2024.

What to know:

  • All FP&M employees are eligible to receive an award.
  • Award recipients will be honored at the seventh annual awards event and will receive a monetary prize and framed award certificate.
  • Choose from five award categories.
  • Those nominated become a part of our Honor Roll. Nominees will be recognized at the event and will later receive a copy of your nomination. Who doesn’t like a nice surprise?
  • Employees can nominate fellow coworkers, teammates, direct reports or supervisors. Nominate someone from your own department or another department.
  • You cannot nominate yourself nor recognition team members — they are not eligible to receive an award.
  • Details are key! The more examples of someone’s efforts added to the award nomination, the better prepared the recognition team can be to make selections out of many nominations submitted.

More than just a shout-out

You may know about shout-outs at FP&M. You may have even sent a shout-out (thank you) or received one (way to go)! Kind words like this help celebrate the one-off actions of FP&M employees in the moment.

icon: person looking up at another person on stage and as they celebrate with arms raised. Text reads: "EMPLOYEE Recognition"Think of a Recognition Award as a super shout-out. A shout-out, but bigger. A recognition award does not happen everyday. It’s about what happens over time that makes an impact.

The FP&M Employee Recognition Awards showcase diverse, noteworthy contributions and staff exceeding the expectations of their position.

Your nomination helps shine light on those who have been going above and beyond consistently.

Please include details in your nomination — the more the better. Employees who receive an award have shown dedication and great work time and again.

Thank you again to last year’s 2023 award winners for their efforts: Lee Bilke (Customer Service Award), Timothy Akey (Unsung Individual Award)Aaron McCoy (Going Above and Beyond),  Megan Fry and Al Yingling (Creative Solutions Award); Kathy Bear and Dawn Ness (Teamwork Award); and the Chemistry Response Team (AVC Excellence Award). Let’s keep up the awesome nominations this year!

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Why nominate?

  • To recognize a coworker for their work
  • To engage in something well-meaning and inclusive
  • To help educate each other about the diverse work and people of FP&M
  • To show gratitude for those who represent FP&M with excellence

Employees who were nominated in the past report feeling motivated, inspired, appreciated and encouraged. When ready with multiple examples, visit

Who will receive an award in 2024?

That is up to you!

There are several types of awards given each year to know about. You can nominate FP&M employees for one or more awards in the following award categories:

Icons with text from Left to Right: "Teamwork" below connected puzzle pieces icon; "customer service" below chat bubbles with a smiley mouth and eyes inside; "Going Above and Beyond" with a mountain icon with a flag at the peak; "Unsung Individual" sits below a spotlight with beam of light shining downward icon; "Creative Solutions" sits below a roll of paper, protractor, and pencil

  1. Teamwork Award – for those who work together to achieve a common goal
  2. Customer Service Award – for those who build positive relationships and give customers (internal or campus colleagues) more than what they expect
  3. Going Above and Beyond Award – for those who contribute beyond their job description
  4. Unsung Individual Award – for those who have made significant everyday contributions to their workplace and UW–Madison
  5. Creative Solutions Award – for those who use inventive solutions to improve ideas or processes. 

Thank you for your consideration and participation to recognize the great work of employees by helping to tell their stories from your unique lens.

We look forward to seeing all of the nominations come in and celebrating your great work at the awards celebration this summer.

Best Regards,

Donovan Kron and Karen Demick
Employee Recognition Committee Co-Chairs

Nominations are due by March 15, 2024.

Nominate for an Award!

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Have questions? Need help?

Email the Recognition Team at or reach out to team members: Karen Demick, Eduardo Fuerte-Espindola, Lauren Hawley, Chad Hellenbrand, Donovan Kron, John D. Lohrentz, Louise Meske, Kevin Steele and Alexandria Steinert