Shout-Outs – July 6, 2022



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Grounds – Tree Crew

Shout out to Aaron, Andy and all the UW Grounds Dept staff that worked to clean up the recent storm damage on campus. In particular their support clearing downed and hazard trees in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve was greatly appreciated.

*grounds department working on fallen tree next to lake*

Working through 100-degree heat wearing chainsaw chaps and a helmet was not enjoyable, but they still completed the job with a smile. Hope the lake views were a small reward for your efforts.

– Adam Gundlach


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Kong Thao

Kong has been extremely helpful during the process of hiring our student employee. He is always quick to respond to my questions and has been a great partner. Thank you for your continued support!

– Maddie Wojciuk

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Campus Services

Shout-out to Physical Plant’s Campus Services for their help setting up for the Service Building and Annex event in May. They were SO speedy and helpful, providing helpful advice and pivoting on a dime (figuratively and literally!) when our rented stage wasn’t great. Thank you for pitching in, all!

– Lori Wilson

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 Kevin Steele

A huge shout-out to Kevin who made us an amazing organizational flow chart for HR! This will be helpful for us and for our supervisors. Thank you, Kevin!

– Joy Benz

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James Haight & Randy Ewing, Maintenance Mechanic Shop

Last week I called an order in because our laboratory in Weeks Hall was extremely cold. The air entering the room was ~60F and our room had cooled by nearly 14 degrees. I was pleasantly surprised that shortly after my call I got a visit from Randy Ewing and James Haight. They were very professional and pleasant to interact with. They first checked our system to make sure the thermostat was working and diagnosed the problem as a lack of reheat water.

I followed them to the mechanical room in the sub-basement of Weeks Hall where they found one of the two pumps was leaking and that our system was running dry. They shut off the flow to the leaking pump and refilled the system. Within an hour things were almost normal. They also took the time to answer some of my questions regarding the way the system works, including how the “water bugs” that they found in the basement were wet but had failed to alert them to the leak. They came back to the lab afterward to make sure things were right and removed the ladder they had used. It was a pleasure working with them and I appreciated the call back later to check on the conditions.

– Michael Spicuzza, Dept. of Geoscience

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