Shout-Outs – September 28, 2022

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FP&M team members of Transportation, Grounds, and CPLA

Shout-out to FP&M team members of Transportation – Rob Kennedy, Chuck Strawser, Troy Ruland, Dar Ward; Grounds – Ellen Agnew, Mike Schafer; and CPLA – Rhonda James — for working together to resolve a potentially hazardous obstruction on the Temin Path resulting in safer conditions for bikers and walkers.

– Laura Wyatt

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Jeff Loshek, Marc Griffin, Rodolfo Rodriguez

Shout-Out to Jeff Loshek, Marc Griffin, and Rodolfo Rodriguez for the excellent job they did re-finishing the floors at Nielsen Tennis Stadium. They look great again!

– Tracker Dunn

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Roger Timler

I want to give a shout out to Roger Timler in the carpentry shop. He put up a very large shade in a very tall window in my office. Roger has such a friendly, positive demeanor and was very conscientious about letting me know when he would be there and leaving me a note after the shade was installed. He just made my day with his positivity!

– Natalie Feggestad

icon: hands clappingLamin Manjang, Lynn Sadler

Shout out to Lamin Manjang and Lynn Sadler from Crew 346 for their extra work maintaining the HSLC atrium after recent flu shot clinics and blood drives.

– Tracker Dunn

icon: hands clappingMelissa Brooke (Crew 105)

THANK YOU to Melissa Brook of Crew 105. She went above and beyond cleaning the carpet in our vestibule. We had issues with access control and was finally able to get a key to get them in. She kept me in the loop the entire time. We truly appreciate the effort everyone put into extracting the vestibule area and the rest of our office. You guys do an amazing job. Please know what you do makes a huge difference and is greatly appreciated.

– Sue Thalacker

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Rebecca Rohde

Shout-Out to Rebecca Rohde for her great attention to detail and patience. She does so much to assist us supervisors and our staff with navigating and resolving all kinds of HR and payroll issues. I appreciate her being available, even adjusting her hours when needed to help us staff on 3rd shift.

– Tracker Dunn

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Physical Plant leadership and FP&M Safety Review Group

Shout out to the FP&M Safety Review Group and their emphasis on safety as a value within the Physical Plant team. I sat in on the FP&M Safety Review group with Karl Stelzer and Rebecca Rhode this morning and was impressed that the supervisors involved had really given some thought to the injury reports being discussed. It was especially gratifying to hear the other supervisors chiming in with questions and comments about similar experiences and ideas for mitigating a recurrence of similar injuries.

– Jesse Decker

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